Justin Kottinger

I am a Ph.D. student within the Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. My research occupies the fusion of multi-robot task and motion planning, fault robust decision making, and human interpretable artificial intelligence. My research efforts enable the optimal and robust execution of heterogeneous multi-robot teams to complete high-level mission objectives. I have published research articles in the field of multi-robot motion planning and multi-agent path finding. I am also involved with two AFRL-funded research projects aimed at the automatic detection and identification of faults on satellites. Additionally, I had the opportunity to lecture fellow graduate students in ASEN 5519 “Algorithmic Motion Planning”.

My coursework and extensive research have fostered my expertise in motion and task planning, statistics, prediction, and estimation theory. I find great pride and passion in developing and deploying verifiably safe robotic systems. After obtaining my doctoral degree, I hope to focus my motion and task planning expertise to the field of autonomous vehicles, multi-robot space exploration, or other safety or performance critical robotic applications.